How To Write In English Like A Native Speaker

 Let's be clear and honest with ourselves, even if you're a native speaker, you got to have some punctuation mistakes or grammar mistakes, maybe you don't have both but you're using complicated words, maybe your emails couldn't be understood from the first time.

So? What you could do to solve this problem?

You could use Grammarly which will save you from so many embarrassing situations, especially if you're a blogger, student, or you have any other role that makes writing an important task to you.

How to write in English like a native speaker

Grammarly won't let you think again about making these mistakes, you'll be able to correct them with a single click, and this is not something new, it has been here for a while now.

but, what is really interesting, is that it will change your reader's impression completely
, I'll give you an example:

 The original text:

This day was really very good

After Grammarly's modification:

Today was amazing.

It makes your text shorter, smarter, and it feels better to have a virtual assistant on your device that corrects you if you're wrong.

I think that if you read this till here, you had the whole idea, and I'd like to inform you that Grammarly is totally free for the basic version (which is great also) and the premium version is so affordable and has so many additional features.

I hope this article was helpful and short enough, thanks for your precious time.

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