The Best Browser To Use In 2021 (Better Than Firefox And Chrome)

 We all have problems with using Google Chrome, sure it's a great browser, but whether you have a new laptop or an old one, probably it will be so heavy for your computer to run smoothly, especially if you open many tabs.

So today I'll tell you from my humble opinion what is the best browser to use in 2021, and it's Brave.

Why you should use Brave?

the best browser to use in 2021

Brave is built on Google Chrome's open-source code, which means you won't find so many differences in its functionality, but it's way faster than Google Chrome, even using an old laptop isn't a problem if you're using brave, and I open many tabs while still being smooth.

The most 2 dominant browsers I think are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox;
People choose Google chrome because it's a great browser and Mozilla because of its privacy settings, and here comes brave to be a faster browser than brave, and more private than Mozilla.

It even has rewards for using if you choose to see ads in exchange for money, and you could earn money via it through cryptocurrency rewards.

Also brave is best when it comes to Ad-blocking and saving data.

In conclusion, Brave is the best browser to be using right now considering all aspects, and why are we even discussing this when you could install it and try it out yourself?


If you have used brave before or now give us your honest opinion about it, as more people could benefit from your comment.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this was helpful, have a great day :)

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