Allow Yourself To Have A Fresh Start

 I feel that a human being desires always to have a new fresh start, and sometimes it is really all we need.

I'm not talking about escaping everything and going to another place for a while, I'm talking about a whole fresh start, going to another town, living in another city, another country.

Changing the people you spend time with, going to different places, having a different lifestyle, A radical change, that was the word I was searching for, a radical change.

We all need to do this, but we tend to feel that it's a prohibited dream, and we might feel that it is something we couldn't ever achieve, but if we really need this for ourselves? Why not think about it seriously?

We feel committed, and that is maybe the only obstacle standing between you and a fresh start, but you have to decide whether you need this commitment or you need the fresh start.

I'm not inducing you to maybe lose your family or your friends, I'm trying to deliver the idea that you should have a fresh start every now and then.

If you can't leave your town for any reason go to different places.

If you can't leave your job, know different people and communicate with them
If you're not satisfied with your bad habits try your best to change them.

If you don't like your lifestyle change it, because no one can do it for you.

The bottom line, as Heraclitus said:

"Change is the only constant "

and we need to feel the change in our lives, there is no worse prison than meeting the same people, going to the same places, having the same meals, when life is a repetitive series, you'd either hate life or hate yourself.

So the reason I came here today writing this is that I know we all need change, change should happen often in our lives, and we should feel it, embrace it, we should be inspired by changes happening in our lives and be excited about it.

Life is too short for us to waste it, living the same life we did before, so let's change what we can.

Hope this was helpful, I really wish you a great happy life, an exciting one too, and thanks for your precious time.

Leave us a comment that would help, and hope we could see you here more often :)

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