Android x86 (Download android on your laptop/PC)

install android on laptop and pc

I'm one of the people that loves Android and hates IOS, I've tried almost all companies, and all android versions.

and because I love it I thought of installing it on one of my laptops, and here I knew android x86.

Android x86 is an edition of android that is made and compatible with laptops and PCs and gets you all great options of android at your computer.

So why you may need this?

download android on laptop or pc

I'd say you mostly will need it if you're laptop is slow and laggy, it will make it better, and to have PlayStore that has an endless number of apps and games (Including PUBG)

I personally downloaded it to access some great apps like Coursera, Udemy, ReadEra, and more.

So if you read this I'll assume you want to install it on your laptop, and it deserves a trial, so go ahead and download it.

Download the Iso file from this link (Android X86
)and download Rufus from this link (RUFUS) choose the file and choose the USB you want to use for installation, then power off your computer.

Insert the USB, click f9 repeatedly when the screen lights, and choose the USB.

Then just read and go ahead with the instructions (its more than easy)

Tell us your experience with it in the comments, we're always waiting to hear from you.

Have a great day and thanks for your time.

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