Becoming Warren Buffet: Avoiding the distraction (6)


Becoming Warren Buffet: Avoiding the distraction (6)

Warren Buffet obviously isn't the first man to become rich, but he is the first one not to be distracted by money to that extent.

What have you just said? Distracted by money?

Yes, I just said this, want to know why money is a distraction?

While you think that you lack money and you need it to be more successful, that isn't necessarily true, become when you're rich and distracted by money, you'll have too many options, and there isn't any type of distraction that is more irritating than having many options.

Imagine that you have 7 outfits, and you're going to the bar, not hard to choose an outfit right? but what if you have 3200 outfits? pretty hard ain't it?

I know that you're not so convinced, because you always see an equation that says (More money = a better lifestyle), but believe me that could be very far than true.

I don't want you to look at it in terms of outfits only, imagine if you have more than what you need considering every single aspect, you'll have soo many options that will form a great confusion and will consume your time intensively.

I'll give you a simpler example when you go to the hypermarket and see that there are 100 different types of jam, what will you do? Simply, you won't buy jam.

That is why I just wrote an important article that is about excluding unnecessary options to decrease confusion and make a better decision.

Although Warren Buffet has been one of the richest men ever, he lived as a very regular man, in a house that he bought like 40 years ago, with a regular car may be even lower than average, and he didn't allow money to distract him, he only focused on what really mattered.

What really matters for Warren is his family and his work, he loved his work that money was a bonus, but wasn't the main purpose.

That is why Warren Buffet has been one of the most successful men who lived on this earth, not just financially, but he succeeded in life.

So learn to focus only on what matters, and know that more money won't necessarily give you a better life, it could be the exact opposite, go over the job that you really love, the one you could work on even if there was no compensation.

And I wish you all the best in life, thanks for your precious time.

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