Becoming Warren Buffet: Gathering the best around (12)

Warren Buffet successfully made it by gathering the best people around him, like-minded people and people he even see as smarter than him.

He used to treat his team members as family, and he treated them as if they own the company, that way they didn't work as employees, they worked as if they really own the company.

He made strong relationships with smart people like Charlie Munger, Bill Gates, and all successful people who will help each other in a way that makes them both develop together.

Warren Buffet says: " I have constructed a business that fits me, it's kind of crazy to spend your life painting if you're painting a subject you don't want to look at; I've gotten to paint my own painting in business on an unlimited canvas, it's a different sort of place, I work with great group of people that make my life very easy and that they take good care of me"

He continues: " We have 25 people in the office, and if you go back it's the exact same 25, the exact same ones, we don't have any committees at Berhkshire (his company), we don't have a public relations department, we don't have investor relations, we don't have a general council, we don't have a human relations department, we just don't go for anything that people do just as a matter of form, it's exactly the life I like, and it's not work for me, it's just a form of play, basically."

Warren Buffet has gone a great joyful journey, and what helped him with this, was that he surrounded himself by the best people, he always searched for smart and successful people to get them on board, and they made his life easy because he depended on them as for many tasks and missions, unlike when you have regular employees and you have to check every single thing they do and make sure they did it right.

So surround yourself by smart and successful people, even if they would take higher compensations, it's so good to have these people around, which will help you both personally and professionally.

Hope this was helpful and I wish you great successful life.

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