Becoming Warren Buffet: Self-Discipline (11)

 If I were to write the foundations of success in order, most probably I'd have wrote self-discipline as the first foundation because when you're disciplined, you're consistent, when you're disciplined, you're productive, and many other things will follow.

Warren Buffet used to say to Susie (His spouse):" Everybody can read what I read, it's a level of playing field" and he loves that because he is competitive.

He is sitting all there all by himself in his office reading these things that everybody can read, but he loves the idea that he's gonna win.

Most people can do what we do, most people could chase success as we do, but the thing that we always have to be winning by is self-discipline for sure.

You could easily think that what you lack is motivation, but in most cases what you really lack is the self-discipline to achieve the tasks and missions that you have, and that you know for sure will make you excel in life if you achieve them.

Both of us might have tasks to accomplish every day, but you could achieve them and I may not, so what is the difference between us? You definitely had more self-discipline than I had.

That is why Warren Buffet said: "We don't have to be smarter than the rest, we have to be more disciplined than the rest"

Self-discipline is the key to all success, if you really want to succeed, then you've already known what skill to master.

Hope this was inspirational and helpful, and I wish you all great blessings in your life.

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