Becoming Warren Buffet: Source of knowledge (7)

Becoming Warren Buffet: Source of knowledge (7)

 I used to be the type of guy that would search for why the billionaire became a billionaire, rather than watching what cars he rode or what is his morning routine.

I made this series to analyze why Warren Buffet was successful, and of the most important reasons is his renewable source of knowledge!

Warren Buffet used to read more than anyone; he would just stay in his office for maybe 6 hours reading newspapers, books, financial statements, and more and more.

The benefits Warren got out of reading can't be counted because he learned investing that way, analyzing that way, and he got smarter the more he read, and most people who met him talked about how intelligent he is.

His mental skills weren't innate, he developed them day by day, and reading boosted his progress in literally everything.

Although some people see reading as an outdated way of learning, I could really disagree with this.

Reading is still one of the most efficient ways to learn and test your knowledge.

Warren Buffet was not obsessed with reading, but more importantly, learning; he wanted to develop himself all the time and reach a better version of himself, update himself each and every day and carry the tools that will help him during his journey.

Warren was successful because he never stopped reading and learning, this world we live in is changing faster than we could imagine, and we should update ourselves all the time to keep up with the fast-changing world we're living in.

That was the lesson we could learn today from Warren Buffet, and I wish you all great success in this world and ever-lasting and consistent development; I hope you'll have a great success story to tell.

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