Build Apps With No Programming Experience

 -The apps market has grown drastically within the past years, and it continues in growing with 1.6 million apps on the Playstore and 1.4 million apps on AppStore and the total number of downloads combined exceeding 200 billion downloads.

-Why would I build an app?

There are so many reasons to build an app, you could have an idea for app functionality and features, and if you have an online business or even offline you will essentially want to build an app to make it easier for your audience to reach your business.

Making and releasing an app is so helpful to your business in so many ways, it will make you new clients that have found your app on the store and felt like downloading it, and will let you notify them with the news by using push notifications, it would build more trust for people to provide their payment information, and they will visit more frequently, and you can also monetize it and make money from your app.

-How could I build an app?

Technically you have 4 ways to make this happen:

1)To gain programming skills, and learn the programming languages required, but you already know this and that is not what you came for.

2)To contract with a company specialized in creating apps, some may develop an app with affordable and reasonable prices, but for most of them you'll find so expensive prices, however, it would also be professional and you'll have the quality you want, but that might not be the best choice.

3)To hire a freelancer, there are so many freelancers who are specialized in Android and IOS development, and most of them will have so affordable prices, here's a list of websites to hire a freelancer from:


But before you hire a freelancer you should see the previous reviews for him and his ratings,and also you have to make a balance between the price and the quality,and you might build a basic app then if it had good results you might let someone upgrade it when you have more money and trust to the idea.

4)Using an app builder platform, and this is the best choice from my point of view, as they'll have more features, security and more affordable prices, here's a list of the top websites to build your App:

1- Andromo

Andromo is your best choice if you're willing to build an Android application, as they have great prices especially if you're willing to pay annually, and they have great features also.

2- Appery :
Appery is a platform that will help you develop hybrid apps for Android, IOS, Windows phone devices, you can also try it for free.

3- AppMakr
AppMakr is probably the cheapest platform to create your apps beginning from 1$ per month, also it was trusted by millions of people.

AppyPie is trusted by 3 million businesses worldwide, you could also try it for free and no card will be required, but they could be expensive comparatively.

Your idea shouldn't be the most impressive to be downloaded, the idea doesn't have to be completely new, but it's important that you know how to let it reach thousands or maybe millions of people.

Also, you could check this course that will help you make a brilliant app and tell you what to focus on while making an app.

Hope you'll rock it with your new app, Good luck with that, and I wish you all the best in life.

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