Earn Money By Making Short Links (Get Profit By Link-Shortening)

 You may have heard of link shortening, and you may have not, so let me give you a brief.


Link shortening is one of the easiest ways to make a profit and earn online easy money working from your home and your own comfort zone.

Link shorteners are websites and engines that make your long URL to some little characters, like for example if you want to shorten "https://www.google.com/drive/272727837263636363637363637373636363"
You should just copy this to the website and it will give you an url like "smallurl/283g"

That is not the only benefit for sure, When people visit this shortened link, they might see a small advertisement for like 5 seconds and then click skip ad to redirect them to the original link, and for that advertisement they see you earn money, it depends on the website you're working with.

Like if you're hosting files and giving the download links to your customers you might consider earning money from all these thousands of downloads or visits.

Another benefit and it is really important is the analytics that the website provides you, to tell you from the example the most countries that have visited your URL/Where did they come from [Instagram-Twitter-your website] or whatever.

So if you're looking into Earning money online from this method just go ahead, and I'll provide you with some really good websites that do this.

#1] ADF.LY

If you want to make money through link-shortening, then look no further than adf.ly, because it has been always the pioneer of this industry, and its links aren't irritating, all the idea is you stay for an additional 5 seconds then click skip ad, and in return, the visitor is directed where he exactly wants to go, so he has no problems.

Also, they're the best when it comes to convenient payments, analytics, and so on.

I've tried it for 4 years now, and it has proven to be the best, that's why I highly recommend that you start with ADF.LY, and if you just need other options, then you'll find some other options below, but I can't give an honest opinion about them because I haven't tried them before.



Wish you great work and greater profits, and I hope this was helpful, thanks for your time.

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