Earn with Yandex a side income without any experience

 Before saying anything about it, I need to mention that Yandex is like Google's alternative, so I'm in no way affiliated with them, so the only reason I'm here is that I know for sure when you try it for a while, you'll thank me later.

We all see that Artificial Intelligence is being more "intelligent" every day, and to make it more intelligent you need more data.

So here we come, we feed it with data, I'll give you an example:
The training goes like this:

**Yandex gives you a dog's photo, then asks you what animal is this?
and it gives you choices)

It asks simple questions to know how much you'd score, and are you actively solving them.

When you finish all initial simple tasks, Yandex will continue to get you harder tasks with higher profits, and so on and so on.

So what you're asking about now is "How much it could provide?"

Initially (during the short training and silly tasks ) it will be displaying very small money, like for example 0.06/Task)

Then it gives you harder tasks and you get more money, and the best part about it was never how much you could get, it is how much time it takes?

Because Time is way more important than money, you could do it between anything and anything, you could even do it while you are shopping, laying , or simply doing literally anything.

and thats how you could add some good dollars to your pocket every month and get yourself busy during waiting times, I mean after all it's way more entertaining than waiting.

The best thing about it literally is that they have a great responsive mobile application go ahead download it try it yourself, if you weren't satisfied just delete it, but I'm sure you won't ;)

Download For IOS
Download For Android

Hope this was helpful, and I wish you great success in life.

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