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We all know udemy, that is like youtube but for courses, and it really has many outstanding courses, and it has millions of students learning everyday.

Udemy has both free and paid courses, but why would you choose the free option, when you could take the paid one also for free?

Because Udemy has millions and millions of courses, and because always there is a competition, instructors give 100% off coupons to get exposed, who is the one getting a benefit? Definitely YOU.

So this application is called Pathshala and it provides you with all coupons on courses, so you'll find so many courses that are either TOTALLY FREE, or courses that has maybe 70,80,or 90% percent discount, and if you need my advice, you don't need to pay for anything, just stay updated every now and then and you'll find the exact courses you're searching for with 100% off coupons and will be totally free.

Unfortunately, it's only found on play store, maybe it could be add for IOS soon, but you could always search for an alternative, and you will find free courses referrals on our website.

Download For Android

Udemy is great, but it is greater when you learn and earn certificates for free :)

Wish you a great learning journey, and thanks for your precious time.

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