How to find your dream job

Mark Twain once said: "Find a job that you enjoy, and you wont have to work a day in your life" 

Which means that this job wont feel like a job for you, it would feel like a hobby, something that you really enjoy doing and don't get bored of.

I've personally struggled much with work ,I've worked in so many fields but I always had the feeling that I could do more, that I could do better, and that there is something that I might love doing more.

Then I found out by coincidence while I'm writing, that writing is the one thing I never ever got bored of, and I've been writing for years, writing diary, writing daily tasks, writing plans, ideas, and literally everything.

The only thing I didn't do is publishing what I wrote, then I knew that the only thing I should do for the last day of my life is writing, it's the thing that I truly enjoy and make all the time without ever getting bored of it or feel as it's a task.

I want you to search for this thing you literally enjoy, the thing that fulfills your soul, and then you wont ever have to work a day in your life, because work wont seem like work again.

You won't find this thing by coincidence, because you have to try multiple kinds of work and different things before you decide that this is really the thing you want to keep doing forever.

That was the thing I tried to say today and I hope that you got it right, good luck on your great journey and thanks for your time.

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