How to grow your social media page or website (Free tools to get followers and visits)

 Now we all know that one of the most fantastic ways to earn easy online money with not much work and build a sustainable business is having social media pages and websites, we all need to grow our audience cause for almost all of us, the audience is profit, the audience is potential customers to your products and services.

Especially, at the beginning of starting an online business, we do not have money for campaigns and we may have but it would be also risky to spend money on advertising when you didn't test the audience first or the market, so what should you do?

There is a thing called Online Exchanging Communities,what is that?
Its a place where people who want to be shouted out helps each other to reach their goals,like for example,I need 100 likes,So I'll give out 100 likes to take the 100 I need in return,in the shape of points without paying a penny.

So lets get started with some of them:


Addmefast is the leading website out there and has been working for too many years, it could be the first to make this type of websites popular, and it has a lot of traffic, also easy for everyone, and could help you with (Youtube views/likes, Website views, Soundcloud, All social media platforms and much more)

You could also buy these points or make subscriptions with unlimited engagement.
So actually that could be the best option for you.


Kingdom likes is so alike to AddMeFast, has the same features except that it has less traffic, it does works for everyone but you will have to wait longer to receive your engagements.

Likesplanet helps you gain engagements for all your networks, also you could earn money thereby making some likes and engagement, for sure so little money but if you made it right, you could make some money out of it.

Hope this was helpful, and hope that you could make the best out of it I'm sure, wish you great success in life.

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