How to rank on SEO and get traffic from Google Search

 First, I'd say what exactly SEO is?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, without making it complicated for you, it is the thing responsible for the traffic you get to your website/blog through the search engine,
depending on keywords, you're working with like for example, if you're selling shoes.

Someone searched "buy shoes online," what will guarantee that you will be the first result? The answer is SEO.

Now we all know that is related to keywords and so on.

Still, there are so many metrics like Your website should be adaptive&responsive, Mobile friendly has an SSL certificate and many other metrics that the search engine should find to choose you as a first result to make sure that you are qualified to be the first answer.

The competition is really hard, everyone is trying to be the first result in order to have more traffic and more traffic is more potential customers and more potential customers are more profitable, and since everyone is searching for the profit, HOW COULD I BE THE FIRST RESULT.

Everyone is searching now for ways to get more traffic, and for how to appear and rank on Google search, because as you already know more than 90% of traffic comes from Google Search Engine.

So whether you're a beginner in SEO or an expert, this will be easier and simpler than you could ever imagine, and this comes from real experience, I'm not someone who makes it complicated just to get more visits, you are our first and only concern, so Good Luck with this.

Just a simple tip: It's not physics, it's more of common sense, so understand the methods and execute them in your own way.

So, we'll just start with things that Google loves!

1) Labels:

Adding labels that are relevant to the topics you're writing about is more than necessary for google to recommend you for anyone, it makes it easier for them to know what you are providing, and whether it's helpful for viewers or not.

So always add labels to your articles and make them relevant as much as possible, because one thing Google hates is adding irrelevant labels just to get more traffic, don't ever do this.

2) Photo tags:

The search engine isn't a human being, so if it sees a cat's photo, it can't view it and say "Oh that's a cat" for sure things don't work this way.

So what you need to do is to rename all photos on your website and blog to make them appear on Google Images, Google search results and get you traffic.

So if I'm writing an article about SEO I'd rename the photo as:


It's also not advisable to write many keywords in photos, because it makes it harder for Google to recognize the relevance, just write the necessary keywords that you know for sure a user would type when searching.

Also, it would help so much to add captions to every photo, and if possible edit the meta-data (which is basically the internal info of the photo and add relevant keywords, in the meta-data you could add more keywords than you'd usually do for the external name of it)

If you're using blogger/WordPress/or any website builder, probably this would be so easy and it needs no tutorials or guides.

To know more about editing metadata for a picture check this article on WindowsCentral, How to edit your meta-data

3) Put Keywords in their places

As I said before, Google hates keyword stuffing, so don't just add keywords for the sake of adding keywords, make sure they are relevant as much as possible, and make a space for it.

For example:

If I want to add "How to rank on SEO" in my article, I won't just put it in a blank space, but I'd rather say

"Now most people are searching for methods on How to rank on SEO" just as I did above, and right now :)

4) Make whatever you're providing satisfying:

You might think that this has nothing to do with SEO and getting traffic from google, but you're actually wrong.

If I visited an article and I didn't find the answer I was searching for, what will I do? I'd leave the website immediately.

Now google measures how much every single visitor stay on your website, and how much they've engaged, and they measure so many things that in result let them know whether it was satisfying or not, because if I visited a website for just 10 seconds that means if Google recommended your website to someone else he'd probably leave and also not find the answer they were searching for.

So always make sure that whatever you're providing meets the visitor's expectations.

5) Social Proof:

If you asked me about one thing that will ultimately boost your rank on Google, I'd tell you that is Social Proof, So what is Social proof?

Social Proof is your presence on social media, your audience's engagements with your account, the number of times people mentioned your business name, and traffic conversions from Social Media to your website.

So it goes like, if people shared your articles on Social media, that means you're worthy of appearing on their Search Engine.

So make yourself available as much as possible on Social Media platforms, and try to engage with your audience as much as possible and induce them to share if they liked what you provided.

Also, you have to create an account on Pinterest as it serves as a search engine and most of the traffic coming to websites now comes from there, and it goes like if I can't get on the first result using my website, at least I could do it using Pinterest which will eventually get the traffic to your website (as when you click on a photo it transfers users to the link you add)

6)Make your website as light as possible:

If your website takes much time to load, most probably it won't appear as the loading time is measured with seconds and sometimes with moments.

So make sure that you resize the photos you add to your website, and don't upload videos directly to your website as this will increase the loading time, add them to youtube and paste the link so it automatically opens the video on youtube.

7) Backlinks (Internal and external)

People often make it so complicated when it comes to backlinks, but I will explain it in a much easier way.

Backlinks are the links for your website found on other websites.

So for example if every time I'm posting to Pinterest I'm adding my website's link, that way my website is mentioned in a powerful website like Pinterest, so make sure you share your links to as many relevant platforms and posts, that way when someone searches for your website Google finds that your website is mentioned many times, which means it is worthy.

Also add internal backlinks to your website; for example, you're writing about getting traffic from the google search engine.

So you might as well include "You might also like" and paste links to relevant articles and topics that are also found on your website, so that way you'll increase your backlinks drastically and help the search engine to navigate through your website.

Now it's time for the paid part, which is as essential as all points mentioned above.

It's so important to have a powerful tool that serves as a mentor for you, that tells you what exactly and precisely your website needs to rank on Google. 

There is a website that is called SEOestore.
This website will give you enormous options and opportunities for much less money than everyone else. It will let you rank on the SEO and will multiply your profit by several

It has complete SEO campaigns made by experts, and it is the first leading website in this field, one of the opportunities found in their campaigns is something called 'Backlinks"; what is that? It's a link to your website that will be found in maybe more than 100,000-100,000,000 website scripts.

It's a thing you cant see when you open a website. That's why its called a backlink but could let you simply be the top on SEO and gain much profit because your website now is found all over the internet, and the best part at it is that you could buy plenty of backlinks with as low as 2$ (as low as 0.00033$)

If you thought about it for like 1 minute, you'd see that if you spent even 100$ on an SEO campaign, you'd be getting them the next 3 days just from the organic traffic you've driven, and the worth of your website is now at least multiplied by 10.

Go ahead, visit SEOeStore and top up your website because you can't even imagine how google could get you thousands of visits every hour, and you can't imagine how much money this means, so every dollar you pay, you to get back more than 10x of it.

Hope this was helpful, and thanks for your time; I wish you all the best with your website.

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