Impulsivity will get you down on your knees

 I always like to remind myself with this sentence "Impulsivity will get you down on your knees"

Because I've personally experienced this and I'll admit it, I'm an impulsive person, or at least I used to be.

I used to make all decisions in a hurry, and take action right after I think of doing a thing, then after days/weeks/or even months, I often knew how much time I've lost doing a thing that I didn't think about enough.

Overthinking every single action is a bad thing too, and would always make you late for achievements, but also taking actions impulsively is not a good idea, because you might waste much time, effort, and money.

You should really make an algorithm when you're willing to take a decision, and an algorithm is : A series of steps required to solve a certain problem.

There are no preset or ready made algorithms, because it differs from a person to another, and from a decision to another, so you got to develop your own algorithm.

I don't want to make this long so I'll just break it down for you, don't overthink every single decision, and don't take decisions without thinking enough about it, give every decision the suitable time for it to make things clear for yourself, and execute after you've calculated it.

Hope this was helpful, and I wish you a great happy life, thanks for your precious time.

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