Know What Is Your Next Step.

 Sometimes I'm just thinking about something, and I feel in a real hurry, like think you shitty mind and come up with a solution today and now, and sometimes this problem I'm searching for a solution for is so complex.

I used to just make a huge cup of coffee, and think think think think think, most of the time, I didn't come up with a suitable solution.

Unlike when I'm calm, thinking slowly and giving considerate time to each point, knowing exactly what I need to find in this solution, and what exactly is suitable for me, what is worthy, what is appropriate.

So I always say to myself "If your mind is calm, you'll know where is your next step"

This reminds me always that I need to stay cool and calm, and that thinking doesn't work that way, it doesn't go as just think for hours intensively and your mind will get it, but on the contrary.

When you're calm, you know where you stand, and you know exactly where you want to go, and as a result, you'll know what is the next step that should make you reach your goals and targets.

So the thing we constantly need to excel in life is basically knowing what we should do next, what is our next step, and to know our next step, we should stay calm and not think as if we're in a hurry.

Try planning on papers, thinking on papers, because your great mind generates as an average 70,000 thoughts everyday, and most probably you'll feel lost in your mind, unlike when you use papers, and you go from one point to the other clearly.

So don't think as if you're in a hurry, don't take decisions impulsively, and try planning and thinking on a paper, trust me it's 1000x better than just thinking.

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