Develop Your Own Timeline


We all have an extremely important thing in life called "timeline" and it's concerned with when you do a certain achievement, or how you divide your life into checkpoints.

Our community always puts a solid timeline for us, that maybe you need to go to college immediately after high school, that you need to marry when you're 30, that you can't start a business when you're still young, and so many other restrictions that have nothing to do with the reality we live.

You have to make sure you're the only one deciding your own timeline, because it should differ from everyone to the other, maybe I see it more convincing to work first then go to college after a couple of years, maybe it's more convincing for me to marry after 35, all possibilities are accepted, and you're the only one that could put this timeline for yourself.

The reason I came here saying this, is that our community puts restrictions on us that we immediately take as rules, but they are not, they are just suggestions, which we could accept or refuse.

Stop living by other people's rules, other people's suggestions or recommendations, because in the end we're all different, and we all have different missions and tasks, different lives.

Remember only this one thing:

"If you're living with other people's rules, you're living a life of someone else and not yours"

Hope this was helpful, and I wish you a happy great successful life, and I also wish we could see you here again.

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