Negotiation And The Word NO

Today I'm coming to talk with you about negotiation skills, or even main talks; when you speak with someone and dislike the idea, you say "no."

The word no in negotiation or talks just turns them off; it lets the person you're talking to feel like you weren't even listening. 

If you were listening, then you didn't put his words into consideration, and the word isn't recommended at any negotiation or talk, don't ever say the word no.

Here would be an essential question: What am I supposed to say instead if I just disagree?

Well, that's an important question that I'm glad you asked; the skilled negotiator says "no" differently than the less skilled one.

The less skilled says, "no, I just don't want your deal" because "whatever the reason," which means that he says a statement of rejection, then he says the reason after this statement.

The more skilled negotiator he just makes a different arrangement of his sentence,he says the reason first, like "because _______ , ________ and ________
,Its hard for me to accept this deal"

In fact, here, he doesn't need to say whether he approves the deal because he made it clear to another person talking with him.

-Hey man, we need an example!!

-Don't worry, reader, I didn't forget this one.

-Let's say I told you, "let's go to the cinema."

          You said "NO."

I said, "why is that?"

You said, "because the traffic is heavy now."

Even if you have enough reason to not go to the cinema, still I'd feel rejected, and that's a bad feeling, and instead, you could have told me:

"From 5 till 7 the traffic is weighty, so I think that's not the best choice to make now, do you mind going tomorrow? / or maybe we could go to the coffee shop and reschedule the cinema thing."

That would be much better.

-In brief, the word "no" isn't recommended anywhere; say the reasons and don't make a rejection statement, but instead say your logic and try to make it nice and smooth as possible.

-Hope that I was helpful today, and I wish you all the luck with your sales. May you rock it for the coming years.

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