Success Is Doing What You Want And Being Happy About It

 I've heard so many definitions for success throughout my life because aren't we all searching for happiness everywhere?

The best definition I've heard was from Gary Vee.

Success Is Doing What You Want And Being Happy About It

Gary Vee said:

"Success is doing what you want and being really happy about what you're doing"

I couldn't agree more with this one, because success couldn't ever be measured by how other people see us, performing based on people's opinions is a real failure.

But when you make your success based on your own opinion, there's nothing better.

and what I mean is that I could sit all day in my room creating content and I'm so happy about it, other people may see me as an introvert who does nothing, which opinion should I consider?

We're not necessarily searching for success, most people are searching for the happiness behind success, and success is really being happy about what you do and not caring about what other people say.

Hope this was inspiring, and thanks for your time.

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