Success Requires Replacements

Success requires replacements

 I've been passionate about personal development for maybe six years now, and one great thing I've been able to discover is, the power of replacements.

I've tried endless times to quit bad habits, most of the time I didn't, and almost all my trials didn't seem to work, this was all before I discovered the power of replacing.

I'll give you an example and I know you'll get immediately:

Imagine that you waste 8 hours every single day on social media, and it really bothers you because you're unproductive all the time just scrolling without any purpose, so you try your best to quit this bad habit, but most probably you won't be able to do it, why is that?

Because as we said that you waste 8 hours everyday, so 8 hours of your day everyday was dedicated to social media, so there's a great gap here, a gap that is worth 8 hours if you're really serious about quitting social media, you have to fill this gap.

There are unlimited ways to fill this gap, but it's mainly replacements, replacing other habits with this one bad habit that you want to quit, developing new healthy habits and even in your mind, deal with them as the new good replacement.

It wasn't possible for me to quit smoking, until I started a MMA training (mixed martial arts) , and it wasn't possible to stop spending time out everyday until I had something to work on, and it wasn't possible to quit waking up late until I was excited to get up early and start working on what I'm passionate about.

So success, needs replacements, and you need to replace:

*Replacing social media with courses
*Replacing movies with documentaries
*Replacing going out everyday with working on your dreams
*Replacing smoking with going to the gym
*Replacing fake friends with people who help you grow

Success needs replacement, and you could definitely do it, so what are you waiting for??

Hope that you got this message clear, and I wish you a great happy life, and thanks for your precious time.

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