The 7 habits of the highly effective salesmen

As we all have read and heard of the book called the 7 habits of the highly effective people, we've made a guide for the best habits to have as a salesman, whether you're selling offline or online, you need to know this, so read closely.

1)First, you need to know EVERYTHING about the product/service you're selling, and while this may seem common sense, but believe me this is one of the most important rules, any piece of information the client could ask for should be ready and well prepared, like the advantages of the product/service, the history of the company, other products, the competitor's method of working and pricing, the competitive advantage, the expiry date if you're selling a food product, every simple detail could help you make an impact on your client.

2)Knowing what is your target customer, like for example you're selling an advanced computer with high specifications that are so above average,so your target customer would probably be a gamer,someone who works as a designer/editor or maybe someone who uses his computer to mine cryptocurrency,you cant try to sell your product/service to someone who is not interested in it,like for example selling this expensive computer to someone who barely knows how to use a computer.

3)Knowing the steps of the selling process:
Many people could say different number of steps but the primary steps is something that you decide for yourself after you know all about the service/product you're selling,after you know the target customer,then to try to think of an innovative way to intoduce yourself and your product in a way that is relevant to your target customers' mindset,like for example they are computer geeks then you should use terms that computer geeks use and let them feel like you're a geek too,if you're targeting individuals like you're talking with everyone on his own then you need to know more information about your client,his news,his financial state,about for example the new branch he launched and so on.

4)Always helping your client to take a decision,to be his own advisor,when you build trust between you and the client he would always like getting help from you,which is a thing that also helps you achieve your target whether its the company's target or your personal target you put to yourself,so you're client must feel confidence and trust,and feel like you're on his side and not on the company's side,and as a salesman is the middleman between the company and the client,you should make sure that you deliever the information between the company and the client honestly,and vice versa.

5)Focus on the value not on the price,dont ever start with the price even if it was challenging,if you said our service is just for 8 dollars/month a client may say "I've see it before for just 5 dollars",and no matter what the price was,the might not but it,but when you focus on the value of it,the advantages,the benefits,the security,and the features they'll follow those no matter what was the price.

6)Place the order,we always say to salesmen "Make orders dont take orders"
which means when you're prepared and knowing the steps perfectly,you'll certainly sell,a salesman who has knowledge,experience, and confidence knows he will certainly close the deal!
In this step, you should be able to make a great call to action like "buy now." 
"reserve now," "Don't miss the opportunity",and many other phrases, don't also press on the client.

Let him make the order at ease without feeling pressure and at ease with all the comfort in this world, and know how to redirect them.

7)Be positive all the time:

be a very good listener to the client, give him the opportunity to speak and be listened, listen to his objections, and this would help you satisfy the client more the next time and develop those objections to make them as advantages, make them feel like you're really interested and listening for what they're saying and that their opinion matters, don't be just someone who is trying to sell and leaving once the deal is closed, one of the most important points is to take notes from your clients because the next time you could remind them of what you've talked about and let him know how you've worked to solve the previous issues/objections/disadvantages.

Thats all for now, I hope that was helpful and hope you'll be following us for more and more articles.
Thanks in advance.

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