The Best E-book Viewer (Read Faster And Easier)

 We've all known e-books for too long, but if you're trying to convince me that reading a hard copy is the same as an e-book, then you're trying to sell me something.

But what if I could tell you that I found an app that makes me read 2x faster than I did?
and that it could import any time of an e-book [Pdf-epub-txt-and simply any kind of a digital copy]

best pdf ebook reader

Why an app could make you read better?

1-It scans all your folders and gets you all types of documents in one place.

2-It could display the page in [Light mode-Night mode-Sepia-Sepia contrast-Green] (as I could remember), which makes you in charge of how you want the page to look like, knowing that sepia is the same as the real book, look below.

3-You could scroll up and down using the volume buttons (+) & (-) (and this feature is so helpful if you're reading while in bed)

4-It gets you back to where you stopped exactly and tells you how much you've gone with a percentage (which makes you motivated to get it done when you found that for example you've read 1/4 of it)

5-You could possibly have a bookstore that contains millions of great books viewed perfectly.

6-If you have a tablet, then you've actually just found your place.

ReadEra changed a lot in my life, it made me read more books and finish books more quickly because when I scroll through the books that I have on my mobile, I feel that 60 years of reading is not enough for me, and I personally still read hard copies but it has been less than before.

Unfortunately, it's now still found for android only, but you could try searching for e-book readers for IOS and sure you will find something that gets it done.

and why are you still reading? Go ahead try it out and tell us your honest review about it, We're waiting for your review!

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