The best way to learn a new language (Free tool that will boost your language list)

 You might need to learn new languages for any given reason,maybe you want to explore a new culture,maybe you had a job opportunuty in a country that you dont know it's language,there are so many reasons that you could learn a new language for.

But how do you learn a new language?

To learn a new language,you need to get familiar with so many words, there is always an unlimited number of words,and you need to learn the grammar rules and practice it,you need to hear people talking in this new language and you need to repeat after them,and so many other things.

For that reasons,it's not so advisable to learn a new language in a short period,although people could take intensive courses and compress into 3 months or smth,but they're actually just learning the basics.

and because you need to learn a new language in a relatively long period,you need duolingo,because Duolingo will give you small pills each and every day,if you use with consistency,you'll have the best experience ever.

One of the greatest features they have added lately is stories,so you could learn by being told a story and asked about what he said or what he meant and so on,really interesting.

Also, it provides so many interesting options as streaks, bonuses, skins, and it has really many ways to motivate you when you lower your effort, and it will remind you when you forget by sending you emails and notifications.

Because all of these reasons, I'm so convinced that Duolingo is the best way to learn a new language, and I've tried it myself with German and learned much depending on it only, but the only thing it requires is consistency if you're consistent, then you'll learn a new language by spending 10-15 minutes every day only, If you're not, then, unfortunately, no one can help you.
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So that's all for today,hope this was helpful and I wish you all success and happiness in this life.

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