The Best Years For Sigmund Freud

 Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis one said:

One day in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the best

" One day in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the best"

If you ask me personally, I couldn't agree more with this quote, as I've personally
experienced this, when I just started working in the real-estate field as a salesman, I was almost working all the time, going here and there trying to get more deals done and doing my best to make it work.

These years were so hard on me, I was just 15 and all people working in this field were older than me maybe by 20 years or more, it was so tough to be always awake either meeting with customers, or talking to them over the phone, or marketing the deals I have so I could sell and make successful deals.

I was working then maybe 12 hours a day, maybe more, and I was just 15, it was during the summer so all my friends were just going out every day, enjoying their time and playing games, they had nothing to do except to enjoy, but for me it was different.

I spent the whole summer working in a way no one has previously seen, going over 30 km to the place where I work, working at night as a data entry to have money to be able to spend from on the real-estate work, and I've barely slept.

Even when I sleep, I keep the mobile always beside me on the general's profile, so I could wake up immediately if I received any calls while I'm sleeping, and I won't miss any potential opportunity to sell.

I could write forever about these days, as they were really my struggling years, and I've used all my effort and time to succeed in my work, but is the pain still there?

The pain faded away many years ago, because no matter how it was tough, because it doesn't hurt anymore now, but what I still have is what I've learned, the experience I got, and the great story I tell to anyone when he asks me how have you started, the feeling of honor is still here for me, but the pain isn't here anymore.

So no matter how you struggle to be successful, no matter how it was tough, the pain will fade away, the feeling of being tired will fade away, the feeling of being exhausted will fade away, but what won't fade away is the things you'll gain from these struggling years.

That is exactly why the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful, and if you ask me about the most beautiful years I've lived, I'd with no doubt refer to these days, as they are the main reason I'm here today.

I hope this was inspiring and helpful, and I wish you great success in life and business.

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