The Chains Of Habit


Warren Buffet once said: "The chains of habit are too light to be felt, until they're too heavy to be broken"

If you really read this closely, you'll find that he is 100% right about it, at the beginning of any new habit, you don't feel that it's a habit but rather a normal action.

When you find out that it became a habit, it's probably too late for you to solve anything.

That is why you need great awareness of your actions because they're actions for a while, then they turn into habits, and it's much easier to stop this action before it becomes a habit than to try and fix a bad habit.

This is not the case only for bad habits, it's the same also for good ones, so if you do even a simple action that helps you grow, it will become a habit after a while, a healthy one hopefully that will help you to grow consistently.

Also, that is why when we talk about the foundations of success, we always mention consistency first, because consistency is what changes the action to a habit, and a habit to a lifestyle.

So basically your actions turn into habits, and your habits form your whole lifestyle, so take great care and be aware of what actions you do, before they become habits that are too heavy to be broken, too hard to be changed.

Hope this was helpful, and I wish you a great happy life, thanks for your precious time.

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