The Man Who Does Not Read?

We often count ourselves as educated people, and probably if you met someone who doesn't know how to read and write you'll feel that he is left out, but what about you?

The man who does not read has no advantage over who can't read

Mark Twain said a sentence that should be written with gold, he said:

"The man who does not read has no advantage over who can't read" 

Meaning that if you don't use this special ability that we often underestimate, you have no advantages over people who can't even read.

So that's a friendly reminder that you should read often, reading has been the oldest way humans used to learn, and while some people nowadays doubt learning by reading, but I promise you that it is still so efficient.

As you create wishlists for the products you want to buy, create a list for books you want to read, and again I promise you that it would be more than worth it.

Hope this was helpful and thanks for your precious time, wish you all luck in your life.

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