The most important reason for why people fail in life

 If most people succeed, then success won't be attractive, and I do believe that we seek success because we need to feel different than other people.

The other thing I also do believe is, most people don't make it because they have a great desire to impress others:

So you find someone who makes a very good income, instead of saving and investing, he always wants to get the newest car, a bigger house, the newest mobile phone and so on.

Almost always they buy these things on credit, and instead of making an income from compound interest, they end up paying compound interest on the products they got.

So they end up taking a loan to pay out the previous loan, and after a whole cycle they end up either bankrupt or in jail.

People might refuse a really good job, because of the desire to impress, they could spend so much money, time and effort to impress other people all the time, moreover they feel sad if they didn't do this.

But I'll tell you something, almost all entrepreneurs and successful people got rid of this desire, and you could see that easily when steve jobs used to wear the same jeans and shirt, when warren buffet lived in a house he bought like 40 years ago or smth, all great people had a great advantage, they killed this desire.

That's why you have to stop giving so many fucks (as the book: "The subtle art of not giving a fuck advice), You have to stop worrying about what other people think of you because at the end of the day you're the only one remaining with yourself, that's the truth, maybe the only one.

Hope this was helpful, and hope that we could always seek to get a better version of ourselves.

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