The Only Race You Quit To Win

 Pretty weird right? How could you quit a race to win it?

But this is the truth, I'll tell you how, why and everything, why are you always in a hurry?

The only race you quit to win is the rat race.

rat race

As shown in the picture, the rat runs in a circular path, that is apparently "ENDLESS"

So what is the rat race we all run in and do not even recognize it?

I'll tell you what:

The rat race is when a human being makes his whole life about impressing other people, always thinking of the next promotion, next new car, next bigger house, and you're always seeking more.

You seek more in life, so you become all the time delaying your happiness till the next thing, as I said the next house, car, promotion, etc...

So if you're seeking to be happy, which is a fact, you should know that half of happiness is found in gratitude, feeling satisfied with what you have, and not thinking of what you lack.

Think of it yourself, whenever you buy a product, it gives you pleasure for a while, then you wish for the next product, does this ever end? Simply no.

So what you really need to do is, stop linking products to happiness, money to satisfaction, because if it needs more money to be happy, then you'll never be happy.

Stop wishing for the bigger house, and the better car, and stop living to impress other people, because none of this will ever matter after a couple of years, if people value you by what you have, then they're no good to you and you don't even have to stick to them.

Quit the rat race and know that there isn't any product that could increase your happiness or satisfaction, the most it could provide is some pleasure, and it will quickly fade away.

Stop waiting for the next thing, the next promotion, the next purchase, and know that you have no reasons to delay your happiness, or make it reliable on an external source, if you want to be happy, then do what makes you happy without thinking of money and purchases, you owe this to yourself.

Hope this was helpful and I hope that you've completely got it, don't ever allow life to distract you from what really matters, and focus on your happiness, not your pleasure, it lasts longer.

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