How To Start Making Money By Having A Website Or A Blog?

How To Start Making Money By Having A Website Or A Blog

One of the most efficient ways to earn money online is by starting a website or a blog.

You can have plenty of ideas for that one, you could simply write about anything you’re passionate about, like maybe sports, education, cooking, like ANYTHING.

Although this may seem hard for you, it's one of the easiest methods to generate online income and work at home without having any restrictions, specific working hours or 
anything irritating.

Here’s a question you’re probably asking now: 

How do I get paid for a website? 

Simply you get paid for renting out banners of your website to other companies that want to advertise with you, but of course, it’s not preferable to do this on your own, so for that, you need GoogleAdsense, which will support you with many features, easy to use and tutorials.

It gives you around 80% of the profit which is really impressive.

So, how could we start this:

1]If you’re a beginner and you’re doing this for the first time, I suggest that you try Blogger.

It’s free, easy to use and it will have enough features for you as a beginner, you won't need more.
Blogger is owned by Google so yeah, you are in safe hands.

2]If you’re advanced with it or you want to build something more professional, you have two ways:

The first is to learn html5,CSS, Java scripts, and maybe more programming languages and that is a very long way so we don't need this.

The second is to use a website builder:

like Squarespace or Godaddy that would let you make a website in a couple of minutes with many great templates and designs, customer service, and hosting, they could cover you with everything, It may be a little expensive for you as a beginner but it surely will pay off.

3]If you don’t want to build a website from the scratch, you could buy an already made website, and then choose to either grow it and use its profit or to grow it and resell it!
Websites like Flippa would help you out with this.

It's so important to know what you are good at and start doing it, take your time to plan and when you’re done, just go for it and I don't even have to mention examples for websites that makes (100,000+)$ monthly just from its traffic, so I highly recommend that you consider doing this soon.

You just have to be patient and consistent, and I promise you that it would be so worth it.

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