What You Dont Change, You Choose.

 I was 100% convinced when I read a sentence that totally changed my perspective on so many things, this sentence was " What you're not changing, you're choosing "

Which means that if you're smoking, and you didn't change this habit, then you chose to keep it, do you get it?

What is so shocking is when you look at all the things we don't change, and deal with it as innate habits, or things that we have no ability to change, or we always delay the desirable action and decision to cut this habits off.

Warren Buffet used to say a brilliant quote he heard which says:

"The chains of habit is so light to be felt, until it's too heavy to be broken" , and this couldn't be more accurate.

So I think it's time that we reflect on what we already know, it's time to try our best to cut off our bad habits, replace them with better ones.

Change could be hard, but as Heraclitus said: " Change is the only constant " and I think it's better to change on purpose because then we'd change to what is better, most important change to what we want to, instead of just going with the flow and letting life reshape you as it wants.

make me a promise right now, that you'll pick a habit that stops you from what you want to be, a habit that makes your life harder, a habit that stands as an obstacle between you and your dreams, and try your best to change it in the upcoming days/weeks/months.

Believe me you'd be extremely happy when you change it, not just because you'll get rid of it, and not just because hopefully you'd replace it with a good habit that will boost your performance and add up to you, but also because you know for sure you have control over yourself, that you direct yourself not the opposite.

I'll end this up by a great quote from a great person who was the senior companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad "Omar Ibn el Khattab", he said: " Me and myself like me and my horse" (Meaning that he directs himself as he directs his horse, and not the opposite)

So make a vow to yourself, that you'll put all your focus on changing only one bad habit, the one you hate the most, and will put a plan to cut it off in the upcoming days/weeks/months (it depends on the person and the habit) but give yourself the time you need, because for example giving up smoking by decreasing a cigarette each week (although it feels like a long long term strategy ) is better than staying forever smoking, and seek help from experienced people, read about how you could quit this habit, educate yourself and develop because we want to see you always shining :)

May you achieve all your dreams and excel in life, and wish we could see you here more often.

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