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There are online paid magazines and platforms online that provide really high-quality articles, but with my full respect, why should I pay money for content, when there are millions of articles published every day for free?

When you find that pricing is unreasonable for you, always search for an alternative.

So what alternative could for example replace and give you similar quality of content?

For sure it's Sintelly, Sintelly has very good articles and I like it specifically for a couple of reasons:

1-Although Sintelly doesn't have so many articles in each and every section, but it has a bunch of sections, and you'll find very good articles in each one.

2-It has a progress check when you read an article, so after you read you know how much you've gone far, and after a couple of articles you'll be for example 20% done with the emotional intelligence section (just an example), so you know where you stand.

3-Their articles are just long enough, they give you exactly what you want to know.

4-You have quizzes to do, which is almost the most thing I loved about it.

So without making this long, for every single reason, you should download Sintelly now and thank me later.

hope this was helpful, and I wish you all the best in life.

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