You Become What You Think About

you become what you think about

 I read once a quote that says:

you become what you think about, but I want to add a single word that makes this quote way more accurate.

So I'd say "You become what you think about consistently

That's why you could meet people who have great abilities, are well-educated and have every single thing that should let them succeed.

The only issue they're having is that they think of themselves as failures, and as a result, they become what they think about.

You see that the whole world we are at is all about perception, some see this world as a world of opportunities, and others perceive it as a world of threats, and they start acting accordingly, which results in two different lives, and it's all [IN YOUR MIND]

Almost every successful man talked about "visualization", and visualization is all about living the dreams, listening to meditation music, closing your eyes, and living in the world you always dream of.

I've been doing this for 2 years now I guess, and I've been visualizing all my dreams, and living the way I wish to live, I perceive myself as the person who achieved his dreams, plans, and hopes.

This helps me feel more that I'm committed to this dream, that I deserve it, and that I'll have it.

To cut this short, you really become what you think about consistently.

So think of yourself as a success, worthy, valuable, and you're always more than enough.

Hope this was helpful, and thanks for your precious time.

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