6 Tips To Succeed At Your Online Bookstore

 It's a very good idea to create an online bookstore, because who could refuse to download a book he wants for free?

The first thing you'll think about is "There are already billions of bookstores, what could be unique about it?", I'll tell you what.

You could build a bookstore for a niche, like for example, a sales bookstore, or b2b marketing books, see how this could be so specific? that's what could make a bookstore so unique, I'm obsessed with psychology and I have hundreds of books, and if I found a free bookstore providing these books?


E-books are found everywhere, you have many challenges, and the great number of books isn't one of them.

To really attract visitors and let them visit again, you need "Ease of Access", I'll tell you what is this.

Wikipedia has billions of resources, found in every single language, and they have endless content in fact, but because they don't have ease of access, you'll never be happy about visiting them every day for content.

You need to make use of tags and labels, to be able to gather all books with the relevant category, author, rating, or so on...

So let's talk about the actual way, that you could attract thousands of visits by:

1) High-quality Photos:

I'll tell you what, readers are attracted to books the same way that a person could be attracted to a fancy car or something, especially when they see the hard copies of these books, and you definitely can't show them the hard copy, so at least pick Ultra quality of the photos for the books, trust me they'll be attracted.

2) Ease of Access:

We already talked about this when I told you about Wikipedia that has billions of resources, yet relatively few visitors.

3) SEO:

If you have any prior knowledge about websites/blogging/e-commerce or literally anything online, sure you heard about SEO, but I'll tell you what it is just in case you still don't know.

SEO stands for (Search Engine Optimization), which is basically how a search engine measures the relevance of your online business with the words someone searches for, and how the search engine connects you with visitors.

The search engine has so many metrics in order to decide for your website to appear, and sure we can't discuss them all here, as it would take us forever, so we'll just mention two things:

1) Keywords:

You need to have the words that a person might search for in your website, so for example if a reader would search for "Rich dad Poor dad PDF free download", you have to mention these words in your website, in order for the search engine to realize that your website is relevant to the person who is searching.

2) Backlinks:

Backlinks might be a complex topic for some people, but I'll try to simplify it as much as I could:

For example our website:
HUSTLE ACCEPTED is mentioned at Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and so many other platforms, so our link is found at their websites, and when it's found there it's called a "backlink"

Backlinks help to make the search engine realize that people are mentioning your online business, are referring to it, or that this business is found at many places across the internet so it's probably worthwhile.

So you need firstly to optimize your keywords as much as possible and try to build backlinks as much as you could.

To do this you should:

1) Join facebook groups:

join facebook groups that are interested in reading and share your links there (This way you'll get visitors, backlinks, and social proof)

2) Rate books on google:

Rating books on Google is a great way of attracting people that go through comments and reviews, and will strengthen your business in the eyes of google.

3) Comment with your link on Good Reads:

You could search for the books you're providing on Good Reads, go to the comments section and leave your review about the book, tell them that you have the free pdf version of it and leave your website's link, this way you'll get visitors and backlinks.

4) Comment at relevant blogs:

Search on Google writing ["Blogspot" books]
and don't forget the " " because it optimizes the results to get you only blogs made by blogger which has a commenting system.
Now go to the comments and write something like:

"I really love your blog, I believe that books are the best way to learn and any successful person in this world is a reader and reading adds to your life more than anything, that is why I created HUSTLE ACCEPTED to help share these great books and spread the knowledge all over the world.
I wish you could visit my blog and I hope you'll enjoy it, thanks in advance

So that way I got myself a backlink from a relevant website, and also you could get visitors who read your comment and decided to visit.

5) Utilize the power of Social media:

Social media platforms are the best choice for getting what you want: You basically want visitors and backlinks to have traffic, and social media has all visitors, and give you epic powerful backlinks.

So make sure that you share your links and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin, and all possible social media, but don't create accounts more than you could handle, as consistency is everything.

6) Make sure to show relevant books:

If someone clicked through a book written by Shakespeare, there is a great chance that he could download other books written by him, so make sure that you always show relevant books to the reader when he clicks on a certain book, that way he'll end up visiting more pages, creating more traffic, making you more profit, and he'll even be more loyal to your business as he used your website multiple times.

So that was all for today, just use these 6 tips and I'm sure you'll traffic will be exploding soon hopefully, just make sure you stay consistent because building traffic is not a sprint, it's a marathon.

I hope this was helpful, and I wish you great success with your online bookstore, and thanks for your precious time.

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