Achievements Will Support You


Life is all about ups and downs, both personally and professionally, so we all have our days when we feel so down when we start questioning why we even began with this.

Sometimes, you could even think like: "why don't I live just like anyone and put my dreams down? , finish the 8 hours you spend at work and go to your house watch TV and order fast food.

One thing would knock and say cheer up, I'm still here, this is thing is the list of your achievements.

You've survived the hardest days, the most critical situations, you've achieved much in your life, personally and professionally, and you have learned much, your life experience and all your knowledge combined are gold, they are worth much more than any other asset, but you're early in the process.

Sometimes we beat up ourselves for unproductivity, but the fact that we care, is an evidence we're heading towards success, because a man without a dream wouldn't do this.

I personally suffered from this one, that is why I'm talking of experience, we're aiming so high, and we want to achieve all our dreams and goals no matter what, but you have to deal with yourself as a kind of baby.

If you're a father, you would understand this, it's like telling your son: "okay hang out with you friends but come at 10:00 pm and study right after you arrive"

You might use this way to deal with yourself, like okay I know you're bored right now, so we would watch a movie right now then work/study right after you finish it.

The best part about it, is that when you're a man of your words, you rely more on yourself, and you get to know yourself better, and this cheers you up, at least it happens with me.

When I'm feeling down, I recall all the achievements I've had, all the courses I've finished, all the books I've read, all the targets I've met, and everything.

Also recently, I started making a "Gratitude's journal", it's basically a notebook where I write everything I'm.grateful about, no matter how small or thin, all the achievements all the blessings all the roads you've walked all your personal development journey.

So these are my two advice to you, don't beat yourself up, make achievements when you're feeling good, so they could cheer you up when you're feeling down, and the second piece of advice is always to keep a gratitude's journal, you can't even imagine how it could positively impact your life, just try them and tell me your personal experience in the comments.

So, that was all for today, I hope this was helpful for you, and I wish you success, and waiting for you to visit us again hopefully.

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