Be A Contrarian, And Never Be The Same.

be a contrarian and never be the same

Do you know what is the worst thing about most people?

That they follow other people blindly.

We always bet on one simple sentence
"For sure they aren't all wrong and I'm the only right one"

And that if most people agreed on one thing, it should be right, and that is to be honest, very far from the truth, and is even opposing to it.

In fact, life even isn't all about right and wrong, you could take many wrong decisions, you could have so many bad habits, but at least you are, YOU, and that is the most important thing.

Following people blindly could never get you anyway extraordinary, it will let you turn to people you look at and wish your life won't be that way, you'll be the same as them because most of them followed most of them, who weren't necessarily right

So the bottom line is, Following the same path that everyone chose, won't ever get you to a different destination, it will be just the one you hated every day of your life.

Chris Haroun

So Chris Haroun said:

"I want you to be a contrarian and watch your net worth soar, and Warren Buffet has made a career of being contrarian, You know he buys when everyone's freaking out"

Never choose the same path, live your life and don't seek dreams which aren't yours, never live based on people's opinions, never try to impress people, choose your own and trust me, it will be much better than any other life, as long as it yours.

I hope that was helpful, I wish you a great valuable life, and thanks for your precious time :)

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