Break things to get started


I never viewed any subject or skill as a "difficult" one, Also I used to study my subjects before the final exam with 2-3 hours, and most probably I was passing these exams.

For me, nothing feels difficult, but is this because I'm super intelligent? HELL NO

I have a formula of approaching any new subject or skill, it's so easy.

Imagine if you want to learn programming and before you got to know anything you heard terms as [Arrays-functions-backend-frontend] and you know nothing about them, for sure you'll feel that programming is difficult and that it might not be for you.

But what if you started by watching a simple video that is 4 minutes long, for someone talking simply about what programming is and why do we learn programming, now this is different.

After you watch this video, you'll know some things about programming in a really simple way which will surely motivate you to learn more.

After you've watched this short video, head to udemy and access a free course (Because free courses are relatively short, and usually more of introduction or beginner level courses) so this course will be 2-3 hours maybe, and the instructor knows that you are a beginner, so he won't mention any term that you don't know yet, and he will give you exactly what you need just to get started.

After finishing this short course, you're now on the beginning of the road, but you're still not good enough at programming for sure, but at least you could practice, and the most important part about it, that you'll get to know what you don't know (and this is normally the most important point in learning anything, knowing what you need to learn)

After this, you'll also be familiar with the different types of programming, and you might have some knowledge that will help you decide whether you want to be a web developer, software developer, or databases specialist for example.

So after you've known what specifically you should focus on, you'll head to premium courses and finish the course related to your specialization ( for example web development)

After you finish it, you'll be good to go and you'll know exactly how to direct yourself afterwards, because as we said you'll know what exactly you're not good with and search for it, learn it, apply it, and so on.

So the idea was not for programming only for sure, this was just an example, but really everything no matter how complex it seems, when you break it using this method, it becomes more than easy.

1) A short video to know what it's all about.

2) A short course to know the fundamentals and general information about the topic.

3) A full course that is focused on the thing you specifically want to learn.

Breaking anything into simple parts makes it so easy for you to learn, and it's the method I used to learn marketing, sales, and so many other skills, and every single time it proves to be a success.

So don't go tough on yourself, learn in a smart way, not in a hard one, and after a while, you'll be able to develop your own formula in learning.

I hope this was helpful, and I wish you a great learning journey, and thanks for your precious time :)

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