Entrepreneur Vs. Wantpreneuer (Know the difference)

 Unfortunately, most people now call themselves entrepreneurs without even knowing what is an entrepreneur, what does it require, and what do they need to be entrepreneurs, most people could, for example, enter a network marketing network and call themselves entrepreneur, and this actually reminds me with what Kayne West said:" This new generation is obsessed with looking successful instead of actually being successful".

The word wantrepreneur is used to describe people who want to be called entrepreneurs but they are most likely knowing nothing about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is like the iceberg and all that they see is the tip of the iceberg.

Entrepreneurship has its dark side as anything, for example in the first few years of your startup you're working 16 hours each day, taking no days off, working maybe as a programmer, marketer, salesman, financial analyst, and the list goes on and on.

You'll have to deal with tons of rejection, people will not believe in you, you'll almost have no social life, you'll risk your life savings and your 9-5 job for a dream you're having and so many other things.

I'm not trying to discourage you from being an entrepreneur or anything at all, but it's just that I want you to see the whole picture because if you're looking at it only from the point of view that "I don't want to have a boss,I want to be my own boss" you'll fall on your knees and probably you're gonna lose everything, because entrepreneurship it's not about the money or the achievements, it's about believing in a dream, about your vision that you could change people's lives for the better by your own way, make daily tasks easier for them, innovating and creating a different path for yourself and for other people.

In fact, people who say that they want to be entrepreneurs because they can't handle having a boss never fail to amaze me because he thinks having a boss is a hard thing to handle, and he thinks that its easier to handle employees, investors, clients and satisfying all of them to keep the business going, which means you now have multiple bosses.

Entrepreneurship is a great journey for real, and its the path that I've chosen for myself with no doubt, and I know that I'll be facing a tremendous amount of challenges it won't ever be easy, I'll be risking my comfort always for my growth, I know the price and I'm willing to pay for it each and every day.

if you asked for my personal advice I'd say: Don't go on with this journey before you really know what it would take from you, you should know all the sacrifices and know that it ain't a road of comfort and that its the exact opposite, but it's still a great journey if you really want to help change people's lives even with a small percentage, changing the traditional ways of doing something and solving problems in our world, don't think about the money because it will follow up when you do what is required, because as Elon Musk said: "You are paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of the problems you solve."

People like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and all great entrepreneurs who have made it all the way up, they didn't do it for the money, and if they did so they'd never reach where they're at now.

Hope that this was helpful, please drop your comment and tell me your feedback about this article, have a great day today, and every day

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