Everytime You Win, You Lose

everytime you win you lose

 You have a limited life; I'm not trying to discourage you by any means, but the exact opposite.

Your time in this world is limited, and time is basically life, so time results in everything.

A live example is; Right now, I'm writing this article, and I could've studied, read a book, or done literally any other thing, so when I started writing this article, I automatically delayed other tasks.

So this gets us to three crucial points:

1) Your time is limited:

So you should really do what is most valuable for you each day, always start by asking yourself what the most valuable thing I could achieve using my time now is? And you'll find yourself directed to what you need to do the most to help you grow.

2)"The ability to let go is the foundation of success."

the ability to let go is the foundation of success

Since your time is limited, you need to better manage your time, and one tool that helps the most is excluding:

Excluding the tasks you shouldn't do, the ones that won't help you grow, pointless meetings, meaningless emails, and anything that consistently steals your time without any added value.

3) Delegation is needed:

Once again, your time is limited, so you should really delegate tasks to other people if you can.

Just classify your tasks into ones that can be delegated and others that you should take care of, then start delegating the tasks you can; this will help save much time for you.

I hope this was helpful, I wish you a great happy life, and thanks for your precious time

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