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We always suffer at first with websites for having traffic, and if you have traffic, then you get much money, whether this money comes in the form of ads or sales, you'll both ways earn thousands of dollars.

But chances are you already know it's a hard battle to fight, and it's not that easy to get traffic, and probably also you know that other than keywords, you need something called backlinks, which is basically your website's link mentioned in other websites, and that's exactly what I came for today.

Today I got you a method that I personally invented to get backlinks, and in turn get traffic from google, and get what is called social proof.

So without making this long, I'll tell you how it works.

We all know blogger, the service that google provides you to make a free website, and we all also know that this service has a comment system, so what we'll be doing is this:

1)Type "" at google's search engine, and write it the same way provided to get exact search results

2)Now you'll find endless results from google on ready-made blogs, and as you know that the ones you'll find at the first pages will be the most blogs getting traffic and engagements, most probably they'd be the blogs that really has loyal readers.

3)Choose relevant blogs to comment at, for example if you're blog is related to business, try to choose relevant websites that discuss the same topic, and to further target these blogs, you could write for example "Blogspot" books, if you're an online bookstore trying to find relevant blogs.

4)Comment at these blogs something like this:

" I really like your blog since it provides free ways for learning, and that is why I created my website HUSTLE ACCEPTED as it has many free ways to learn and get educated, please visit our website at
and I hope you'll enjoy it, thanks in advance ❤ "

So now you've gained two important things:

One is: Gaining backlinks at each and every website you comment at, which will be recognized by google, and will increase the backlinks for you which should as a result increase the traffic you're getting.

Two is: Real people who are interested in the same topic might see this comment and actually visit your blog to get whatever you're providing and they're interested in, and it happens often, depending on how much you apply this tactic.

So now that you get it, I hope that this was useful and I wish you great traffic and growth for your website, and now what are you waiting for? Go get yourself some traffic and backlinks.

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