How to earn money from blogging (learn everything about blogging)

 We all know that some people make exceptionally well revenues from blogging, but we have many many questions about it, like for example:

*How to rank first on google?
*How long does it take to rank on Google?
*How many keywords I need to rank and get traffic?
*How to do link building
*What is backlinks and internal links
*How to monetize your blog?

So many questions are necessary to our success in blogging, you need all these answers to start putting a plan and execute on it.

So, one place and only one you need to learn all of this is, Neil Patel's Channel

Neil Patel is a digital marketing specialist and blogger who helps companies and subscribers to find all answers they need, get more traffic and earn more from blogging.

So go ahead check Neil Patel's Channel as you'd be amazed of the amount of information he provides for free, and it's a guarantee that you'll learn more than ever about blogging from him.

I hope this was helpful, BEST OF LUCK and thanks for your precious time

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