Lessons learned from the great entrepreneur Khaled Bishara


Khaled Bichara was an Egyptian businessman and entrepreneur who served
as the Chairman of linknet, and Chief Executive Officer of Accelero Capital.

He was one of the most influential business people in Egypt, and we learned a lot of lessons from him, and today we'll share some of them, may his soul rest in peace.

1)Managing people is the hardest type of management, if you won people then you have succeeded in business by 70%.

2)Invest in yourself and most importantly in the people you know because you don't know who you'll need and when, so make people count as your wealth.

3)Every business has a key, and not all the same keys open the same door even if businesses were similar.

4)Who is just focusing on profits loses easy opportunities which probably makes great profits but it appears in the form of consistency and hustle.

5) Success is an easy and normal thing, and by time your passion towards it will decrease, but the passion to help people grow and being a part of their journey will stay and continue to grow.

6) The easiest win is money and the hardest is what we could call "legacy", something that continues to live and bring a consistent income.

7) When you start a company, start it from the very bottom, and to know the real problems of a business, ask the clean worker and the security guards, not the management team.

I hope this was helpful, I wish you a great successful life and journey with entrepreneurship, and thanks for your precious time :)

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