Learning Is What Make Us Grow

Learning is what make us grow

Let's be honest about it now, we all seek more, we all need more development to be better people, more knowledge to be better at understanding the world, more experience to be better at what we do, and so on and so on.

What I found all my life, are just two simple things:

1- Learning is the best, shortest, quickest, most efficient way to everything you need in life.

So, let's say that you seek to be rich, and we all know the only 3 rules for being rich is; 1- Make money 2- Save Money 3- Invest money

So to make money which is apparently the first step! You need to know something that makes you income, either knowledge, or skills, and to gain those 2 things you need to LEARN!

If you want to be a famous actor, you should learn and practice, so it's all the same in each and every case, once again, you need to learn again, and to learn more.

So learning was the first thing, what is the second?

I'm glad you asked, it shows you're interested.

The second thing is: " People are resistant to learning"

The first question is: if learning was that promising, and all dreams could be achieved by learning, why doesn't everyone just learn like you know, it opens magical doors.

Charlie Munger said it all when he said:
" It's extraordinary how resistant some people are to learning anything"

Unfortunately, that's the truth, learning is now easier than literally easier than anything; Videos, articles, podcasts,    posts, applications, ebooks, and soo many other formats and ways, that it's even in most cases entertaining

So that was all, I'd just add my personal experience on such a topic.

When I was 16, I had certificates, I had real-life experience in real estate when I was 15, and back then I've had many interviews and meetings, meaning that I had many choices to choose from, now my colleagues and I are 20-21 years old, but still, they don't even have an idea what they could work in the future, and what is the difference? I learned early, and I learned more.

When I first thought of success, thought of making things that really matter, I searched for ways to make money online just like everyone, and I knew one thing from searching thousands of times and it is:

(No one will ever pay you except if you have something that you really do good, and as a result, I knew that the first thing I should do now is to; Learn)

So as a result of learning, my life happened, and it was a wonderful life I'd say, although I'm still 20 years old.

I can't ever talk enough about learning, you should try it yourself and you'll see how your life would be literally different.

Hope this was helpful, I wish you a happy successful life, and thanks for your precious time :)

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