Make a business out of the field you are already in


Entrepreneurship isn't about copying other successful businesses, also not just go in the field where you just feel potential buyers and clients, it doesn't work that way.

To make a successful business or startup, you need to be really envolved with the field you'll be making this startup in.

I'll give you an example, if you want to make a successful business that serves the real-estate field, it won't be very successful unless you have experience and knowledge about how the real-estate field works, what are the pain points for users, what difficulties they encounter, and how you could solve a problem or make a process a lot easier for them.

A business is basically a solution for a problem, and you won't even know this problem unless you're already working or have really good experience in this field, so it's not all about shiny and promising ideas, because one thing I know about entrepreneurship is that an idea might be ultimately successful on papers, but excessively a failure in real life.

So don't let promising ideas get you away from reality, don't try to think about a startup that is related to a field you've never worked at, because then you won't have any clue what you are doing and whether this idea will be successful or not.

I hope that you've got the idea clearly, and I wish you a great successful journey with entrepreneurship, and thanks for your precious time :)

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