Social media was a part of us, till we became a part of it

 Well, today I'm not coming to talk about social media personally but professionally, and I want to open your eyes to a simple yet so important thing.

Years before, it was good to have a Facebook page for your business, as this will boost your performance, but right now you should and it's very essential to create a Facebook page, meaning it's no more optional, but right now it's even more complex ....

We've moved from searching for content to content searching for us via hashtags and data collection from all social media platforms, these platforms have like 99% of the traffic, and there's no way you're gonna make it without them.

So, at first, I used to deal with it as a kind of curse, and this only negatively affected me, and I realized that I shouldn't be thinking about it that way, since now social media platforms give us great free tools as, posts, stories, live videos, stores, and sooo many other great features, and they're all gven for free.

I highly recommend that you start giving much more focus to your social media pages and accounts, as the demand for them will only continue to go up, and you need to be more consistent at it and try your best to build a great loyal audience, and you'll then do more than good.

I hope this was a kind of an eye-opener, and I wish you great success with all your social media accounts and platforms, and thanks for your precious time :)

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