The Greatest Challenge In Making Money


The Greatest Challenge In Making Money

I really do believe one of the greatest challenges in life, is not to buy something that you really desire, and it becomes even harder when you have enough money to buy it.

We live in a world of consumption, after the second world war, especially after companies had the ability to mass-produce goods (means to produce in large quantities), and also with digital marketing became so advanced, it became very easy to believe that a certain product will provide you a better lifestyle, but is that true?

Companies deceive us all the time, by making us feel not good enough, by making us believe a specific product could make us happier, could fulfill our wants and needs, which is far away from true.

All those products could add to your life, is pleasure, and as you know that pleasure is temporary, and it fades away faster than you can imagine.

But, still, our community puts pressure on us, making us believe that we should buy this for our social status and that for looking better, and this for impressing other people and that for feeling more satisfied, etc........

So always remind yourself that no product could add anything to your life except some pleasure which is temporary, and its effect will last for a few days as a maximum.

Hold on to your money, better manage your finances, and remember that the only 3 rules you need to build wealth are: 1) Make money 2) Save Money 3) Invest money

Hope this was helpful, I wish you a great successful life, and thanks for your time.

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