The positive and negative are essential in business


What anyone thinks about before starting a business is, "What if I failed" "What if I lost the money I have" "What if people made fun of me"

What people, unfortunately, don't know, is what Melinda Emerson said:
"You never lose in business, either you win or learn"

That was the truth I learned after years of doing business, that you can't lose in business, and also you can't be winning every single challenge.

When you lose, you learn the most valuable lessons, and you re-evaluate your actions and strategies, and when you win, this makes you more motivated to the next winning, so basically winning and losing in business makes you move to success, except if you're a quitter.

If you stayed losing for all the time, you'll eventually give up, and that's why if you're really serious about business, you'll have winnings that only come as the light at the end of the tunnel, and they will help you to go ahead and achieve all your dreams, on the other hand, if you kept winning all the time, you'll think that no one is as perfect as you in business, and you'll start neglecting so many things that you'll have a massive failure to wake you up and tell you: "No one is perfect, so keep on educating and developing yourself"

You already know that positive emotions could help in business, but did you know that negative emotions help too?

When you're having positive feelings, you focus on the overall; the company as a whole, the product's overall, and that is good for planning long-term.

But, when you're having negative emotions, you think of the details, which is better for your short-term goals.

So in business, there is no losing, there is only winning or learning, winning keeps you motivated and excited for the next win, and not winning makes you focus on yourself, correct your mistakes, be a better person personally and professionally, and always trying to spot the mistakes to fix it, so you definitely need both winning and losing to become successful in business, you need positive and negative emotions.

You need to be optimistic so you could dream and plan for the future, and pessimistic sometimes to avoid some mistakes and to decrease some potential risks.

I really hope that this was helpful, and know that I'm waiting for your review, I wish you a happy successful life, and thanks for your precious time :)


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