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Consumers definitely and apparently are smarter than they used to be, thanks to the power of internet, you now could compare prices, see alternatives and you could make the best choice while purchasing so easily.

So there is really no point in trying to trick them by any means, using any possible method.

Business is all about integrity, and when you really try to serve your customers from heart, try to add real value to their lives, when you really care about them and their own well-being, this is the best strategy I've ever encountered.

As I said consumers became so smart and it's really hard to trick them, but why do so in the first place?

While consumers now have soo many options, so many stores to buy from, so many websites to get articles at, so many companies providing the same service you have, but they choose the place where they feel most comfortable about, it hurts so bad when you feel that you have been tricked in any way, and if any customer felt so, make sure that he is never coming back.

So keep in my two things:

1) Integrity serves best in business, and it may be the only competetive advantage you have, and then you'd have a very valuable asset.

2) As Sir Warren Buffet said: "It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and 5 minutes to ruin it, if you think about it that way, you'll do things differently"

That is all what I have for you today, and I hope this was helpful, I also wish I could see you here more often, thanks for your precious time.

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