Winning The Morning Is Winning The Day


I once read a quote that I always think about when I wake up, and it was "winning the morning is actually winning the day."

I'll tell you why it really matters:

Imagine that you start your day by checking your social media platforms, all the notifications, all the messages, and that made you stay in bed for additional three hours; you'll start the day like: "Do I really have to leave the bed? Why don't I just call and say I'm ill or smth and I can't come?

But, what happens if you jump out of bed, no mobile, no social media checking, a cold shower, maybe then a light breakfast, 10 minutes of home workout, then start your day.

Then you'll start the day as a great one without hesitating.

I'm sure you can remember the most popular talk about making your bed once you wake up, and that is because when you start your day being active and achieve even a tiny achievement, this fills you with motivation to achieve the next one, and the next one, and the next.

So always keep in mind that the morning is the most critical part of the day, and the way you start your day is probably how you live it; I could remember all the days when I started my day by saying: "let me keep in bed for a while then wake up" I ended these days with almost no achievements.

On the other hand, the days I started being active and got even a tiny achievement done, I ended these days with excellent productivity and accomplishments.

Make your mornings count, and your days will. As a result, count too.

I hope this was helpful; I wish you a great happy life, and thanks for your precious time :)

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