How To Have The Best Relationship


How to have the best relationship

Many people fail to maintain healthy relationships, many people get manipulated multiple times, many people have hard times with friends and social relationships, and what is the main problem?

After a deep dive into relationships, I found that most people's struggles come from not knowing their worth, they settle for less than what they deserve, people take them for granted, use them, manipulate them, just because they don't know their worth.

See that, when you don't know your real worth, almost everything fails to go as you expected or desired, either it's work-related, relationship-related or whatever, if you don't know your worth, no one will do, therefore they'll always treat you like shit.

Knowing your self-worth is really the first step into living a happy life, knowing that you are worthy of who you are, that your existence matters, that your opinion matters, that what you do matters, and that you as a whole person, matter.

I previously wrote an article which had the title: "Make people value your time" , and guess what the first step was? To value your own time first, when people see that you value your time and that you deal with it as a precious asset, they'll automatically value your time too.

So, I guess it's the same case here, people won't appreciate you unless you appreciate yourself, they won't know your self-worth unless you know it yourself, they won't love you unless you have enough love for yourself, and etc...

Now that you know where the problem arises from, start executing to solve this problem and turn it to your advantage rather than a disadvantage, and know that self-love, self-respect are the main fundamentals of living a happy life and building healthy relationships.

Hope this was helpful, I wish you a great happy life, and thanks for your precious time

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